Welding Beds

Here is where you can have the welding bed of your dreams.  Just like all people that live in their trucks a welder wants the best.  We can rig up this bed to work efficient,  look good and last for ever.

Short Bed Welding Bed

A short bed welding bed is a challenge.   How do you design a bed for a job with half the room for your tools.  This bed has the lay down cylinders, removable ladder rack, fire extinguisher, tool boxes, reinforced floor for vice and box for welder.  Every inch is designed to use.  To make sure the weight […]

Custom Welding Bed

A custom welding bed is a must for the professional welder on the road.  Each welder has their own way of setting up their equipment.  Bottles up Bottles laying down.  Hose reals large or small.  Goose hitch for hauling 5th wheel trailer.  Tool boxes on the bed and under the bed.  How about a roll […]