Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are the new age vehicle for hauling.  Today’s 5th wheel campers are like moving a house and you need something larger   to haul, but you want it to look like a custom truck.    A hauler bed for a semi can be used for everyday work on the farm or business as well as play.  When you design your bed think of other things you can use it for.

Semi custom designed beds can be as good looking and as functional as a one ton truck bed.  Custom design odd size and shape tool boxes.  Add an extra fuel tank.   Paint it any color you like.  It’s custom design do what you want

Kenworth Work Horse Bed

This truck is made to work. Plenty of storage and protection to the cab.  Bed liner surface on deck so no slipping and sliding when it is wet.  B&W Goose Neck hitch, tongue pull hitch and Pintle hook  to tow any trailer.

LowPro Heavy Duty Truck

This bad boy bed is made to haul more than the truck.  Bed liner spray for the floor , built in tool boxes with skirting and fenders.  Pipe V channel, receiver for vices heavy duty rear pintle hook hitch and receiver. With leveling jacks on the rear corners. Ready to work.  

Big Beds for Big Trucks

This truck is designed to carry all tools for any job and haul any thing for any job.   The stair step 10ga tool boxes were designed by the customer for the looks as well as the storage of special tools.  Built in fuel tank for those long trips.    

Low Profile Semi Hauler Bed

Need a big bed that is flat to haul anything look at this one.  It has tool boxes built in the side skirt.   Tie downs hidden in the bed.  Goose hitch ready to pull, but the look is clean  

Hydraulic Spool Lift

This is a new concept for trucks that haul spools of wire.  The traditional way is to winch it on the truck.  When this is done you lose most of the room on the truck bed.  With a hydraulic remote lift you can use all of the bed  to organize the equipment.       […]

Kenworth Semi 4 x4 Truck bed

This truck was built to work.   With 1/8″ Tread plate floor ,4″ channel cross members 16″ centers and 5″ channel long sill.  The tool boxes are 11ga steal.  With 1/8″ aluminum tread plate reinforced.  Heavy duty 1/2″ plate construction semi truck hitch. This customer came to us with an idea for a bed on a […]