Custom Trailers

Custom trailers are  a need in all sizes.   Portable welding trailers, custom advertising sign trailers, or large jobs.

It makes life easy and more organized to be able to back up to a trailer instead of carrying every thing with you on every job.

Designing your own is easy.  Just but all of your if only’s together and give us a call.

Medium Size Secure Welding Trailer

  Single axle Medium size welding trailer with room for every thing you need to work. Spool roll out for wire and storage drawer  in the bottom of tool box .  Every thing locks up with stainless steel T handles.  Three bottle holders for oxygen and gas. Overall length is 15′.  Axle is rated at […]

Utility Trailer With Custom Storage

This trailer is a basic two axle trailer with custom design storage.  The rear storage is for pipe in all lengths. When this unit gets to a job everything is easy to find.  The front storage box is used with roll outs to store fittings and tools. Every thing on this trailer has its place. […]

NextLED Promotional Sign trailer

Look at this good looking advertising trailer.  This trailer has everything built into it to run the large LED sign.  Fancy wheels, aluminum draw for programing and large storage for electrical supply.   This is the way to advertise any sale.

Two Cylinder Black Welding Trailer

This black welding trailer has been made to carry and store all welding supplies.   Tool box for the gear and spools for the hoses and cables.  Cylinder rack oxygen and acetylene. If you need something different we can do that to.        

Welding Trailer

Do you ever have a job where you need a welder but no room on the truck?  Well here is an idea put the welder on a portable trailer.  This trailer is designed to carry every thing you will need to weld with.