Custom Truck Beds

Today is the day that you decide to design your custom bed.  How do you get started?

First thing decide on the truck you have or need to buy.

Second review the job or jobs this truck is going to do.

Third call us.  If you are not sure on what you need we can give you some ideas and the pros and cons of a design.

Fourth we will work with you to help design a product that will do the work and try to stay in your budget.

Kenworth Work Horse Bed

This truck is made to work. Plenty of storage and protection to the cab.  Bed liner surface on deck so no slipping and sliding when it is wet.  B&W Goose Neck hitch, tongue pull hitch and Pintle hook  to tow any trailer.

New Front Box Design For Kansas Welding Bed

Here is an example of a change that the customer wanted to his new Kansas Round Side Welding Bed. The front large tool box is designed to hold his oxygen bottles and a storage shelf for his jack stands.  If you look close the gas cap is on the drivers side with tool box storage […]

Kansas Sportside Round Front Welding Bed

Here it is Kansas Sportside Round Front full dress welding bed. Go to work in style.  Full tool boxes under the bed.  Lockable lead box.  Roll the lead out when you work roll back and lock it up when you are finished for the day.  Bed liner top for durability.  This bed is made to […]

Medium Duty Dump

Here is the ideal bed for lawn care and junk removal.  Any one with rental property or recycle business will love this bed.  Large front storage box can carry all the equipment you need.  The hoist makes unloading easy. The walls are reinforced to keep the steel out side walls from dimples when load shifts.  […]

Heavy Duty Utility Bed

This heavy duty utility bed, tool boxes , etc are made of 1/8″ steel for hard used truck beds.  Heavy duty stainless steel T Handles with locks.  L.E. D. interior lights inside the tool boxes.  Extra storage under the floor of the bed.  This can be built as is or you can change anything to […]

LowPro Heavy Duty Truck

This bad boy bed is made to haul more than the truck.  Bed liner spray for the floor , built in tool boxes with skirting and fenders.  Pipe V channel, receiver for vices heavy duty rear pintle hook hitch and receiver. With leveling jacks on the rear corners. Ready to work.  

Big Beds for Big Trucks

This truck is designed to carry all tools for any job and haul any thing for any job.   The stair step 10ga tool boxes were designed by the customer for the looks as well as the storage of special tools.  Built in fuel tank for those long trips.    

Short Bed Welding Bed

A short bed welding bed is a challenge.   How do you design a bed for a job with half the room for your tools.  This bed has the lay down cylinders, removable ladder rack, fire extinguisher, tool boxes, reinforced floor for vice and box for welder.  Every inch is designed to use.  To make sure the weight […]

Low Profile Semi Hauler Bed

Need a big bed that is flat to haul anything look at this one.  It has tool boxes built in the side skirt.   Tie downs hidden in the bed.  Goose hitch ready to pull, but the look is clean