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New Idea for Survey Rollout

Add a Lid to the top of the box with Bed liner spray for non slip surface. If you have a topper on your truck you have a lot of wasted room from the top of the rail to the top of the topper.  Here is a way to make a little more storage room.  […]

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Standard Three Tripod Survey Rollout Box

This is the most popular combination for the three tripod survey box. Long bed box is 72″ Long x 48″ Wide with an 8′ rollout. Short bed boxes are 72″ Long x 48″ Wide. Extra Short Beds are 60″ Long x 48″ Wide. Just remember we will custom build what ever you need.

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New Project    What is this??????

 No it is not a lemonade stand.  Most people will never see this at work.  It is a control house for a sandpit dredger.  When it is finished it will have all  the comforts of home while out in a lake digging sand.

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Hydraulic One Ton Real Lift

For those of you looking for a smaller rig to work from here it is.  This unit is run with a remote.  If you don’t like the tool box placement or size and you  want it different.  Change it. We custom design for you. The weight capacity for the spool is 5000lbs, 60″ wide and […]

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Large Aluminum Tool Box

This tool box is designed to store every thing you carry on your truck.  All the lose stuff you hang on the side and have to move at every job to use your truck.  This box is not a catch all box.  There is a double decked roll out that rolls out on either side.  […]

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Utility Trailer With Custom Storage

This trailer is a basic two axle trailer with custom design storage.  The rear storage is for pipe in all lengths. When this unit gets to a job everything is easy to find.  The front storage box is used with roll outs to store fittings and tools. Every thing on this trailer has its place. […]

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