Bale Beds

The new squeezer Bale bed uses some new and different ideas.  We have inverted the lift cylinder so it pushes the bale, instead of pulling it.


  This gives almost twice the power from a single cylinder.  All  heavy duty construction, low maintenance and easy to grease hinges.  A trap door just ahead of the goose neck hitch that pushes up to roll the front bale back for the squeezer to reach for unloading the second bale.  Squeezer arms lay flush with bed to leave the bed floor flat when not in use.

Bale beds are sand blasted, painted with epoxy primer and urethane paint for years of durability and good looks.  Eight different sizes to choose from.  Straight side and tapered front.  Several tool box options and two year warranty on structure.  One year warranty on hydraulics and wiring.

Truck Bale Bed

The new way of taking hay to the field just got easier.  Look at this new way of removing the second bale. The automatic door lifts up to push the bale forward.  Notice the hydraulic cylinder.   Flush mount arms. Goose neck is hidden.  Everything runs with one little remote. Dealer Inquires Welcome Patent Pending

Squeezer Bale Bed

Hay is needed all over the country and to transport it you need something that will load it quick.  The Squeezer Bale Bed is new and has all the luxuries of a Cadillac.  Remote lift makes life easy.  The front is tapered so the second bale will slide down for easy reach.  Recessed goose hitch […]