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Recent Projects

Kansas Sportside Round Front Welding Bed

Here it is Kansas Sportside Round Front full dress welding bed. Go to work in style.  Full tool boxes under the bed.  Lockable lead box.  Roll the lead out when you work roll back and lock it up when you are finished for the day.  Bed liner top for durability.  This bed is made to […]

SUV Lock Up Box One Drawer

Single drawer lock box for law enforcement, fire fighters, any profession that requires storage with a lock.  This box is made to secure any type of equipment.  The size of the box and draw can be changed to store any size of equipment. The top lip is for lose items to keep them from being […]

Option # Two Round Side Kansas Sportside

Look here the one of a kind welding bed that looks like a sports car, but is very functional and durable.  This bed is made of steel for durability, Two extra large tool boxes in the rear, two smaller tool boxes mid way on sides, Two Oxygen Bottle Mount, Side Key lock box for roll […]

New Project    What is this??????

 No it is not a lemonade stand.  Most people will never see this at work.  It is a control house for a sandpit dredger.  When it is finished it will have all  the comforts of home while out in a lake digging sand.

Medium Duty Dump

Here is the ideal bed for lawn care and junk removal.  Any one with rental property or recycle business will love this bed.  Large front storage box can carry all the equipment you need.  The hoist makes unloading easy. The walls are reinforced to keep the steel out side walls from dimples when load shifts.  […]

Heavy Duty Utility Bed

This heavy duty utility bed, tool boxes , etc are made of 1/8″ steel for hard used truck beds.  Heavy duty stainless steel T Handles with locks.  L.E. D. interior lights inside the tool boxes.  Extra storage under the floor of the bed.  This can be built as is or you can change anything to […]