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Recent Projects

New Project    What is this??????

 No it is not a lemonade stand.  Most people will never see this at work.  It is a control house for a sandpit dredger.  When it is finished it will have all  the comforts of home while out in a lake digging sand.

Medium Duty Dump

Here is the ideal bed for lawn care and junk removal.  Any one with rental property or recycle business will love this bed.  Large front storage box can carry all the equipment you need.  The hoist makes unloading easy. The walls are reinforced to keep the steel out side walls from dimples when load shifts.  […]

Heavy Duty Utility Bed

This heavy duty utility bed, tool boxes , etc are made of 1/8″ steel for hard used truck beds.  Heavy duty stainless steel T Handles with locks.  L.E. D. interior lights inside the tool boxes.  Extra storage under the floor of the bed.  This can be built as is or you can change anything to […]

Hydraulic One Ton Real Lift

For those of you looking for a smaller rig to work from here it is.  This unit is run with a remote.  If you don’t like the tool box placement or size and you  want it different.  Change it. We custom design for you. The weight capacity for the spool is 5000lbs, 60″ wide and […]

Survey Box for Low fitting Tonneau Covers

  If you have a Lid or Tonneau cover that fits below or flush with the truck rail this box will fit.  We have lowered the height to fit.  Compartments are the same or can be changed for your tool organization.  One of the big wastes in the bed with the roll outs is the […]