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Recent Projects

Mini Rod Pull Tractor

When it is time to play everyone wants a one of a kind.  This is a V8 Mini Rod pull tractor.  Built, painted and pulled by Advantage Customs LLC.  If you have a hobie that you need something special made like a frame, cart with a cooler made in it we can help.

New Idea for Survey Rollout

Add a Lid to the top of the box with Bed liner spray for non slip surface. If you have a topper on your truck you have a lot of wasted room from the top of the rail to the top of the topper.  Here is a way to make a little more storage room.  […]

Standard Three Tripod Survey Rollout Box

This is the most popular combination for the three tripod survey box. Long bed box is 72″ Long x 48″ Wide with an 8′ rollout. Short bed boxes are 72″ Long x 48″ Wide. Extra Short Beds are 60″ Long x 48″ Wide. Just remember we will custom build what ever you need.

Standard Two Tripod Survey Box

This combination for a two tripod Survey box is the most popular for under a lid or topper. Standard length is 72″ Long x 48″ wide for short and long beds.  60″ Long x 48″ wide for extra short beds.  Long beds will have 8′ rollout with standard 72″ x 48″ box. Just don’t forget […]

Kenworth Work Horse Bed

This truck is made to work. Plenty of storage and protection to the cab.  Bed liner surface on deck so no slipping and sliding when it is wet.  B&W Goose Neck hitch, tongue pull hitch and Pintle hook  to tow any trailer.

New Front Box Design For Kansas Welding Bed

Here is an example of a change that the customer wanted to his new Kansas Round Side Welding Bed. The front large tool box is designed to hold his oxygen bottles and a storage shelf for his jack stands.  If you look close the gas cap is on the drivers side with tool box storage […]